Thursday, April 2, 2020
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Sri Lanka-challenge for senses and relaxation for mind and body


I have been dreaming for years to visit Sri Lanka. Country that is famous for its Ceylon tea was attractive for me because I wanted to find out why I am not a “tea person” and why tea comes to my mind only when I am ill and have to cure myself, like most people in our culture. Rice, which is main food on this island, especially if it is simply cooked, (“klot”, as we would say), is something that, in my country, is also recommended only if you are convalescent. Not exactly a dream country for people from Serbia, one would say, but still, to someone who is adventurer and nature lover like me, stunningly beautiful landscapes woke up burning desire to push off to this magic island – Sri-means “sacred” in their language, and Lanka is the name of the island.

New York – the city of wonders


It often happens, when people want to celebrate some special jubilee or occasion in their life, they wish to go and celebrate on some special place, some destination which represents symbolism of that which they celebrate. Having that exact idea on my mind, I decided to celebrate my 40th birthday, my coming into middle age, in New York.

                Although I have travelled a lot up to that moment, going “over big water” and visiting “the youngest continent” was something that I constantly delayed, consciously or unconsciously, for that special occasion.  Great Apple, with everything that it has to offer, seemed like the right choice to celebrate coming into that special age of adultness. All those wondrous stories about New York attracted me, because I was anxiously looking for wonders.  During my stay in that city, for only nine days, they were indeed happening to me, every day.

My Africa


Sometimes you simply get a “call” to go somewhere…and the magic of the adventure begins. When you embrace that call, waiting for every new day with excitement, you suddenly get answers to the question you never actually asked, recognizing connections and relationships that you have never dreamed that exist.

Africa is magical. Cradle of mankind, with beautiful nature, climate, careless and free people and animals. Time goes in slower rhythm there and everything is in the style-HAKUNA MATATA-no problem. Everything is very easy and, somehow, it is natural to let yourself go to that lightness of being.

Jordan – coming home


Travelling to Jordan and getting to know this country, surely is journey which made the greatest impression on me, because of all the circumstances which made it happen, and also because of the energy which shines from this small, proud country on Near East. As if in everything else in life, we get to the places where we should be, meet those cultures, people and civilizations exactly when we are ready for them.

Zanzibar-stairway to heaven


There are many beautiful places on this Blue Planet of ours, which, when we see them, awaken our long forgotten memories of perfect peace, beauty of the simplicity and harmony, those places where we truly feel as if we are at home, where time flows in some special rhythm of its own and everything has different meaning. One of them is definitely- Zanzibar.
Beautiful green island by the west coast of Tanzania, which is splashed by the waters of the warm, green Indian ocean, slowly, but surely is being nominated for list of tourist TOP destinations and that fact adds to its attractiveness for those who rather enjoy lush, wild and rich nature than commercial one. It is a place of greater value, for holiday, adventure, place to recharge your batteries, to explore and expand limits.

Amsterdam-city of contrast, extreme and freedom


Last year, in autumn, I was in “New Amsterdam”, as they used to call New York.  I didn’t even dream how similar is the energy of that city to this “old Amsterdam”, and how much that energy suits my own sensibility. You conquer some cities, while other cities simply enchant and seduce you. As love at first sight, breath, step, first bicycle ride. That is how Amsterdam conquered me…